Our Projects


A Night to remember

HEARTS co-hosted an event to honor individuals who have been touched by suicide: live music, activities for children, food & more. Community vendors united to provide resources for the public. Great thanks to all of you who made this event possible!

Speaking Events

Looking for someone to speak at your organization about suicide? Contact us at [email protected]

THE crew: Classmates recognizing everyone's worth

team, friendship, group

The goal of the CREW program is to facilitate relationship-building, self-worth, and problem-solving skills while developing an understanding of suicide prevention and awareness. Students will be guided through a 20-week curriculum designed to increase knowledge of suicide. Students are exposed to real life situations pertaining to suicide related topics. Each meeting is designed to empower the CREW to openly discuss suicide and provide them with the necessary tools to educate others. 

Program Objectives

  • The CREW will be able to identify warning signs of suicide.
  • The CREW will be able to approach peers presenting with warning signs and apply the appropriate verbiage.
  • The CREW will be able to walk a peer through a safety plan.
  • The CREW will heighten overall awareness of suicide throughout the school/community.