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Our Mission
Eliminate suicide through building resilience in our youth.

our story

HEARTS was founded by the Newberry family, after dealing with the devastating  loss of a brother/son to suicide. HEARTS: Helping Adolescents Reject Thoughts of Suicide is a mission-driven organization dedicated to empowering individuals, particularly youth, to overcome suicide through building resilience. Our comprehensive approach encompasses suicide awareness, youth development, and resilience-building strategies to create a stronger and more compassionate society. At HEARTS, our mission is to eliminate suicide through building resilience in youth. Our goal is to foster a world where every individual, especially our youth, can navigate life’s complexities with strength, hope, and resilience. We are committed to raising awareness about suicide prevention, nurturing the development of our future leaders, and equipping individuals with the tools they need to thrive.

Our Core Values





“Everything in life serves as a challenge and test to elevate us. Therefor it is right to be grateful for the opportunity to learn and grow through tackling this real life experience.”
-Moshe Chaim Luzzatto

Remembering Joseph L Newberry
August 1990-2010