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Our Mission

Educate adolescents and parents, and the Community about suicide prevention to empower them to use their voices to save a life.

What is Suicide?

  • Suicide is the result of actions taken to deal with emotional anguish and pain, fear or despair that overwhelms an individual’s value for living and hope in life.

  • While there is a well-established link between suicide and depression, each suicide occurs in a unique mix of complex interconnected factors: individual, environmental, biological, psychological, social, cultural, historical, political and spiritual, including psychological trauma.

Risk Factors

  • Risk Factors to be on the look out for: Depression, mood disorders, history of physical or sexual abuse, being a victim of bullying, confusion about sexual orientation, drug/alcohol abuse, history of suicide in family, and major life change such as: parents getting a divorce, teen pregnancy, loss of a loved one.

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About Us

We are a faith based organization that promotes suicide awareness within the community. Our goal is to challenge the school systems and the parents to decrease the stigmatization of suicide.

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how to help

Change a life by providing financial support to further the cause of this organization and be able to recognize the warning signs in order to create a welcoming environment where one can have support.

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Educate the community about the prevalence of suicide, its warning signs, and risk factors; and provide support to families who have lost loved ones.